San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

nicaragua dombezalergii

I recently headed to Nicaragua by way of Colorado. After a beautiful wedding weekend at the Broadmoor, I left with my multi-city ticket and headed south. I spent my of my time in San Juan del Sur with a friend and friends of friends, no ex-pats living there. It was one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen. It was raw, unadulterated, peaceful, affordable and inspiring. I came back with a huge traditional Nicaraguan hammock and other findings we’re soon to unveil. If you get a chance…go!

nicaragua dombezalergiinicaragua dombezalergiinicaragua dombezalergiinicaragua dombezalergii






nicaragua dombezalergii


I promise I took the photo above. On a sunset boat ride, we saw a cresting whale and a rainbow…at the same time!

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