Goodbye White Walls!

Removable wallpaper liberates today’s renters from plain walls. Now you can create a living space that reflects your personality.
Peel + stick wallpaper can be used to line shelves and drawers, apply to the ceiling and walls or even refinish furniture. (shown above: Navy Zebra print)
The versatility of peel + stick allows easy installation and removal so renters can walk away years later with security deposit in hand.
For all of you with commitment issues, or you’re addicted to redesigning your living space every few months, peel + stick wallpaper is so easy to install, so feel free to change it up as often as you like!
New for 2018, West Palm Beach print. Vivid and gorgeous, we are confident this print will look amazing in any room of your home, however you decide to apply it.
Pinterest is full of designer wallpaper and unique ideas for application. Take a peek at our Wallpaper board for inspiration.

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