A Mother's Comfort (Food)

Like many of us, when I think of some of my fondest memories with my mom, food is inevitably involved.
Now a mom myself, the comfort of the kitchen has taken on a new meaning for me because after a long day at work or on a weekend when I wanna sleep in, the feelings I felt more than tastes I tasted motivate me to cook and attempt to create the same for our children. Those feelings at the end of the day were really those of comfort, warmth, safety. It’s interesting to think that a recipe can do that but indeed it seems it can.
If I could be transported to my mom’s kitchen right now, sipping a glass of wine while she cooks for me, I would ask for two specific things: biscuit-topped chicken pot pie for dinner and puppy chow for dessert (with a side of milk). I can kind of taste them now… Mostly I can access the feeling of home and comfort and being cared for. It’s no wonder that it always seems that no matter how big or beautiful a house, the kitchen is where we congregate.
For your own printable recipe cards of these comfort food favorites, keep scrolling and share your own favorite kitchen memories with mom!
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Comfort Food Recipe Card Downloads
Download these cute + free comfort food recipe cards and start your own family tradition:
Biscuits Recipe - dombezalergii
Chicken Pot Pie Recipe - dombezalergii
Puppy Chow Recipe - dombezalergii

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